Each of us faces, during personal and working life, difficult moments of bewilderment, confusion or crisis. Very often, if viewed with different eyes or from different perspectives, these moments suggest that a change is taking place. That we are not giving enough attention to something of ourselves which needs to be expressed.

We sometimes struggle in finding or giving a new meaning to what we are experiencing, in responding to adversities with response-ability, meant as the ability to respond to situations in an effective way, without reacting to them, instead.

It is in this context of difficulties of everyday life, not of illness or disease, that the figure of the professional counsellor can play an important role. The counsellor provides a listening and reflection space, in which the client can explore issues related to evolutionary processes, transitions, states of crisis. It’s a space where to strengthen the capacity for autonomous choices, for conscious changes.

Professional counselling, is therefore a journey of personal growth, an activity whose purpose is to improve the client’s quality of life, supporting and developing his skills of self-determination. It caters to individuals, families, groups, and institutions and can be provided in various settings such as private practice, education, health, business.

I deeply believe in the possibility  to contribute to the improvement of our society, of the environment in which we live, through the spread of tools for self-knowledge and improvement of relational and communication skills.

My goal, as a professional counsellor, is to provide professional intervention to accompany clients in their process of self-knowledge and change. This intervention is based on a methodology, borrowed from different theoretical approaches, which always puts at the center the person, the human being with its holistic vision, its uniqueness and wholeness, its tendency to self-realization. Read more about my approach.